Dr Jekyll, Mr. Hide, and a Gray Wolf

I am thirty pages into my third book and I’m ready to throw it away. When I began writing my Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hide/Revenge story, my main male character was becoming Superman. I re-edited. Then, a gray wolf popped in. So, I began rolling with it.

The premise: M. Lucian Powers, Jr. (half Native-American/half Irish-American) has relocated to the Philadelphia/New York area and now is in a financial position to bring down the Littleton family who were involved in his father’s death and the two police officer involved in his mother’s trumped-up drug charges which broke apart his family when they lived outside Indianapolis, Indiana. The gray wolf shows up just as he starts the plotting the takeover of Littleton Cosmetic Company.

My husband suggested I give a bigger role to the wolf. One girlfriend didn’t like that M. Lucian Powers is half Native-American. “Why isn’t he Italian?” she asked. She’s all Italian. “Because Gray Wolf is his Native American name,” I responded. She gave me a scowl. Another girlfriend suggested I make the Gray Wolf an alter-ego, with M. Lucian Powers in a schizo ward at the end of the book. “But, where’s his happily-ever-after with his love interest?” I asked. Because if he doesn’t get his happily-ever-after, then the story line of the love interest changes.

Then, I searched how many books were named “Gray Wolf” or had it in the title to the book. Over 445 pages in Amazon.com alone came up. So, I had to change the name of the book to “Red Wolf”. I hate it! I hate it!

So…. I have decided to heed my husband’s advice. I will develop a relationship between the Wolf and Lucian. I am thirty pages into my third book and I’m ready to re-edit.

What do you think?


Why Did I Write this Book…

It’s so wonderful to hear compliments that I actually published a book. And, one of the first questions I am asked is, “What made you write it?”. Well, I have always wanted to write. However, when I was in high school (1978-1981), we didn’t have e-publishing, Google, the internet, or “xxx.com”. My choices were accounting, computer science, engineering, nursing, or teaching. I was told that I could not make a living in writing. That was then; this is now….
I have always excelled in writing – as compared to accounting. My teachers in high school and college always told me I had quite the imagination. So, I would write a poem or two or a short story. I never finished and I never published. Boy, did I have the excuses – usually that the business world and my job were in the way.
One day, I decided to join a writing club, entered a short story into their contest…and didn’t get selected. Not because my story wasn’t good, the selectors weren’t interested in ‘romance’. Therefore, I decided to take my short story and make it into a big story. I have been taking steady-and-weekly singing lessons each week for the last five years; and Heidi Hayes, singing coach phenom, has pushed my uptight and reserved boundaries to the next level and beyond. I figured I would write a book with issues and topics that – without my singing lessons – I would never touch.
The post below gives an insight into the story line and offers the first three chapters as an introduction of what to expect.