My book OF MEN AND MONSTERS (by E M Bahnsen) is featured as one of the top four books to read on  ” bookSCREAM Newsletter ” (  bkscr.me/2fLfvBT ). The bookSCREAM Newsletter offers free and promotional books.  Follow them on Twitter as well:  @bookSCREAM

Although the book is categorized as erotica, it is NOT erotica.  It is tastefully written.

BOOK SYNOPSIS:  Meet Remy Alden and his slow seduction of Amanda Greene. He believes she is the one for him; his life partner; and the future mother of his children, even though she is currently married to another. The story doesn’t end with the heroine falling in love with the hero. Oh, no! The story continues as we learn about Remy and Amanda’s character and how this affects their relationships between colleagues, friends, spouses, siblings, past lovers, and exes.

Enjoy a story of love, roller coaster emotions, and fascinating and surprising revelations.


Skin in the City – A Unique Boutique … as mentioned in Entangled by E M Bahnsen

“Write what you know”, the experts say.  “Take something from real life and make it part of your story,” the experts say. My mother was born a McConaghy.  Jill is her family nickname. Therefore, I named my main female character Jillian McConaghy.  So, I asked my real-life cousin if I could use her name and business as well in my second book titled “Entangled”. She laughed, but agreed.

On page 290, I wrote:

“Can you spend time with me this weekend? We’ll hang out as if we’re just buddies.”
“I can’t, Graham. I’m going to Colorado this weekend.”
“For what?”
“My cousin Marnie McConaghy and her daughter Jenn Jankowski opened a spa in Denver called Skin in the City. I promised Marnie I would be there for the grand opening.”

Below is the one-year anniversary writeup about her real-life spa.  Congratulations, Marnie and Jenn.