Fragments – A Book Review

For years, I had heard of Jeffry Johnston, the author, through a good friend of mine John H. I had the opportunity to meet the author at a party at the beginning of the new year. I bought the paperback version so that I can share it with my son. The book is for readers aged 12 and up.


Fragments – A Must Read (Five Stars)

I cried reading this book because it was so moving. By Chapter Two, I knew something really bad, more than a car accident, had happened in young Chase’s life. This is more than a young boy suffering from survivor’s guilt. I wanted to find out more that I read the book in two days. The main story deals with Chase and his therapist trying to help put the pieces of his fragmented images into one complete puzzle. Also, we experience along with Chase all the high school angst he incurs with the other students because of the fatal car accident – who are his real friends, who feels angry at their own loss, and one student who worries that he may have set that terrible day in motion by his own selfish actions.


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