Book Review – Desperate Pursuit in Venice by Karynne Summars

***** (Five-Star Review)

What an engaging story! Suspense, champagne, plot twists, great character development, and romance. The otherwise dramatic story is occasionally lightened up by some witty dialogue.

Kataryna’s American company is purchasing an Italian company from two men – one is the owner; the other is the CEO – who are long-time friends. She will become their boss once the merger goes through. The two men are in love with Kataryna. Kataryna is in love with one of them; the other relentlessly pursues her.

The wrong word, the wrong business tone, the wrong misrepresentation of her feelings to her pursuer could cause her to lose the one man she was meant to love and ruin a long-term friendship.

Kataryna’s challenge is keeping all the business balls in the air while enjoying her new-found love and compassionately deflecting the advances of the other’s unwelcome affections.

I highly recommend this book.


New Book Announcement!

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Entangled is now available.

A contemporary story for young adults and those young at heart. Enjoy a story of family drama, sibling rivalry, and new adult love.

Suspense… Mystery… Family drama… Sibling rivalry between half-brothers, and… Romance.

Is it plausible that —in today’s current world — a father can dictate to whom his children will marry?
Is it plausible that —in today’s world — a thirty-year old man would give up passion and the woman he loves to marry another where there is no passion and he does not love in order to succeed his father at his father’s business empire?

Wealthy, Old Man Arthur Bosch, self-made man from the Midwest now residing along the Main Line of Philadelphia, wants to retire. He has seven children, six with four wives, and one from a love affair.

Of the three sons most capable of taking over his company, Graham Parker, illegitimate son, is the logical choice. However, Old Man Bosch wants Graham to marry into a well-established Main Line Family. Graham wants the pretty, young secretary that works for the family company.

If Graham does not marry his long-time girlfriend, he will not succeed his father. Graham’s two half-brothers conspire to get Graham to choose the secretary, leaving room for one of them to succeed their father.

What will Graham do—love or success? Whom will he choose?

Fragments – A Book Review

For years, I had heard of Jeffry Johnston, the author, through a good friend of mine John H. I had the opportunity to meet the author at a party at the beginning of the new year. I bought the paperback version so that I can share it with my son. The book is for readers aged 12 and up.


Fragments – A Must Read (Five Stars)

I cried reading this book because it was so moving. By Chapter Two, I knew something really bad, more than a car accident, had happened in young Chase’s life. This is more than a young boy suffering from survivor’s guilt. I wanted to find out more that I read the book in two days. The main story deals with Chase and his therapist trying to help put the pieces of his fragmented images into one complete puzzle. Also, we experience along with Chase all the high school angst he incurs with the other students because of the fatal car accident – who are his real friends, who feels angry at their own loss, and one student who worries that he may have set that terrible day in motion by his own selfish actions.