Ice Storm Cometh…and Taketh

The day after the Super Bowl, the Mid-Atlantic and Northwest States were hammered with a wintry snow.


The following week, we in Pennsylvania were hit with an ice storm that left us without power for four days. I heard the creaking of wood, so I jumped out of bed to watch the first branch break from the tree that sits in our yard. The long branch lies in the walkway to our front door. After breakfast without any power, I looked out the front living room window. The second branch had snapped and now lies in our neighbors walkway to their front door. (We live in carriage-type homes). The next several days, we had more snow. The birds came back to their broken tree.

Without television, internet, or computer availability, I took our son sledding at the golf course across the street. He came down the 5th hole so fast that he used his foot to stop from going into the street. He stopped; but his boot came off. I think Matthew was scared going so fast, but he wouldn’t admit it to me.

The snow is melting with our current 54 degrees of heat wave. We expect an inch of snow tonight and more snow on Tuesday.