Hung up on “the Hook”

This morning is my singing lesson. Friends and family know not to call me until after my lesson. After I put the little man on the bus, I open my song book and go through my material. For example, I should be reviewing “Woman” from The Pirate Queen.

Except today, I’m not. I’m stuck.

Since this is November’s National Novel Writing Month, I put aside my current novel and began working on a sci-fi romance. A new genre for me. Since I keep having sci-fi dreams, I thought I would write one of them.

I’m so hung up on the hook – that first page that will capture and hold your attention so that you will turn the page and read more. It’s two hundred years after the 2016 Apocalypse: do we have electricity and cell phones if (in my story) the world was basically flattened and fried in a nuclear war, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.? I initially blamed China and climate change for the Apocalypse; however, too much controversy with Jimmy Kimmell lately. What to do? What to do?

My husband, in his straight, businessman-like manner, told me to finish my current book before working on the sci-fi romance. He doesn’t get the exhilaration and self-imposed pressure of NaNoWriMo. He calls it Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo time.

Oh, well. I better start practicing “Woman”. Perhaps I can find the answer there…..


11 thoughts on “Hung up on “the Hook”

  1. Perhaps the “Hook” is holding you back? It might be better to craft the rest of the story, then see what about it grabs your attention most. You should be able to craft your first page around that. I remember once I read a novel where the last page and the first page were exactly the same. I can’t imagine the author came up with this idea from the very start, but it was a great way to bring the story full circle. Can’t remember the name of the book at the moment. At any rate, you will probably get more done on the story if you let the hook build itself some instead of trying to force it. Hope this suggestion is helpful.

    Shane Dean


    • Thank you, Shane, for stopping by and your comment. You’re correct! I should just ‘write the damn thing’ (quoting Tom Clancy) and worry later about my hook. Who introduced the hook, anyway? Ellen


  2. EM, I write my posts and then go back to the top to write the intro (hook). Not the same as a novel, but it’s what works for me. Good luck. You need to write what you’re in the mood to write.


  3. What is it about men telling what to write and when to Finish???….lol….My husband keeps asking me when my 2nd book will be done and out? I told him, “I could be like Pastor, “Rick Warren” of “Saddleback Chruch” and only have a book every decade published”! Well, he didn’t lke my Answer!….lol….For all I know,……I may just be a *One Book Wonder*! Enjoying reading your posts, and I’m a new FAN. 🙂 🙂 Author, Catherine Lyon


  4. Sometimes I just start writing. You can always go back and add the hook later. You must have your premise, right? Then just start writing. It will come. It always does. Good luck!


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