I am working on my next novel, a work-in-process entitled, “Entangled”. Every day, I read blogs on writing, on points of view, and character development. I even won a free critique of my first chapter. I did rather well, I must say. I felt, though, I needed some help with balancing the pace of the plot as it unfolds.

My singing coach, Heidi Hayes, gave me some information on the Running Wild Writers Journal. I just finished as an active participant. It is really a lot of fun and challenges your writing skills. Here’s how it works:
1. You receive the prompt via email; for example, “bonafide”.
2. You write against the prompt for one day.
3. You send your creative musings to a team and the journal moderator Lisa Kastner.
4. Each team member responds with the strengths of the piece and ideas for revision.
5. Every Sunday the Journal identifies and posts their top selections on the Running Wild Writers Journal website.

So, how did this help me? I wrote a love story back in 2000, never finished the story entitled “If He Never Said Hello” set in Rome, Italy. One of the last writing jolts was “her Italian beret”. My writing entry was published last week as “The One”. Writing that jolt has solved for me a thirteen-year, self-imposed problem of how to finish the book.

A Writer’s Jolt is offered through Running Wild Writers. Find out more about this and other offerings by going to http://www.runningwildwriters.com or lisadianekastner.com


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