Book Review: Salvation Jane by Ann Massey

I read a book over the past week and wrote a review. So, I thought, why not share my review with my world? Here it is:

What a wonderful story with well-developed characters. Not only is this a political story, but it is the backdrop for an engaging, suspense story with a bit of romance.

A young woman, on the heels of a relationship breakup, inherits a hostel from a long-lost uncle. Jane Patterson is naive and idealistic. She wants the ‘good life’ and envisions operating a top-notch hostel for backpacking tourists. However, fantasy and reality coming crashing together. The hostel she inherits is filled with homeless men and vagrants. The city of Perth (Australia) wants to get rid of the homeless.

What is a young, naive woman to do? What only a young, naive woman CAN do! That is: to learn the hard way. Jane becomes compassionate toward the homeless as she learns their plights. She believes that running for elected office will help change the perception of the citizens and politicians. Jane has to deal with an ambitious politician, whose help she needs to keep her hostel operational. And, that is where the trouble begins.

Jane’s pleasing personality leads her to mistakenly trust her fellow politicians. Her only recourse is to seek advice and emotional support from the one group she held with initial contempt – the homeless and the disenfranchised.

This plucky young woman gets her heart stomped on, her personal image is mocked, and her skill sets as a newly elected politician are questioned. However, with determination and grit, Jane Patterson prevails.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Salvation Jane by Ann Massey

    • Scarlett Johansson would play Jane. I’m not up on my ‘young actresses’, but she comes to mind first. Liev Schrieber would play the politician. As for Horrie? I’m not sure yet. I will be casting next week. Ha ha.


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