My Next book….question

As I write my next book about sibling rivalry, I have two questions. Is it plausible that – in today’s current world – a father can dictate to whom his sons will marry? Is is plausible that – in today’s world – a thirty year old man would give up passion and the woman he loves ( a young woman from South New Jersey without any money) and marry a long-time girlfriend where there is no passion and he doesn’t love (the Main Line Philadelphia Heiress) in order to succeed his father at his father’s business empire?

Wealthy, Old Man Arthur Bosch, self-made man from the Midwest now residing along the Main Line of Philadelphia, wants to retire. He has seven children, six with four wives, and one from a love affair. Of the three sons most capable of taking over his company, Graham Parker, illegitimate son, is the logical choice. However, Old Man Bosch wants Graham to marry into a well-established Main Line Family (as he has done with his two eldest daughters and plans for his three sons). Graham wants the pretty young secretary that works for the family company. If Graham doesn’t marry his long-time girlfriend, he won’t succeed his father. Graham’s two other half-brothers want Graham to choose the secretary, leaving room for them to succeed their father. However, Old Man Bosch threatens the other son, Neal, that if can’t keep the pretty secretary away from Graham, he won’t get his father’s job.

Any suggestions?