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Listed below are current book reviews of “Of Men and Monsters”.

4.0 out of 5 stars Of Men and Monsters, December 8, 2012
By WR –
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This review is from: Of Men and Monsters (Paperback)

Written by an author who obviously knows fashion and has style. The characters and locations are described in detail and for those familiar with the locations it makes the visualizations that much more fun. Everyone should be able to relate with at least one event or person in the story to their own life experiences.
Spoiler alert: the happy ending that you know will eventually happen,…..I won’t tell.

5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating Characters, October 21, 2012
By Bonnie –
This review is from: Of Men and Monsters (Paperback)

I thought the book had a great story and a good ending. I lived on the Main Line years ago and there was an air of arrogance. This story certainly depicts a girl who doesn’t like confrontation, but gets involved with an elusive millionaire. It is easy to fall in love with another man and leave an unhappy marriage, but the grass is not always greener. As the saying goes, “What goes around comes around.”

There were some unexpected turns in the story that I didn’t expect. The characters introduced in Part 2 were essential to why Remy and Amanda found and needed each other despite how difficult it was for Amanda. The array of characters in the book makes it a very interesting because each one has a distinct role in shaping the main characters. The women in the book are conniving and manipulative while the men carry deep wounds.

I was wondering where “Monster” fit in with the title. Remy never wavered from his goal of having a wife and family, however, Amanda struggled with who she was which brought out the darker side of Remy.

3.0 out of 5 stars Roller Coaster Read, October 19, 2012
By Wendy –
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This review is from: Of Men and Monsters (Kindle Edition)
I really enjoyed the beginning of this book. The story of how Remy and Amanda meet is heart wrenching and exciting. What I did find however that the further in you get the story starts to fall flat. The story becomes very choppy and has a lot of unnecessary narration. I really really wanted to love this book, but I just couldn’t.

4.0 out of 5 stars Keeps you reading…., February 3, 2013
By JJ –
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This review is from: Of Men and Monsters (Kindle Edition)

This book definitely keeps you interested. I found the characters enchanting and very real! The story makes you want to root for some and punish others!

5.0 out of 5 stars Hold on for a great ride!, February 2, 2013
By J. E. Holohan –
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This review is from: Of Men and Monsters (Paperback)

Reading this book is like riding a great rollercoaster…ups, downs & plenty of curves! The characters are so likable (even the ‘monsters’)…good plotting (a couple of things I never saw coming)…the author clearly knows what she’s writing about. While this genre is not my “go to”, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading this novel…Looking forward to novel #2 (if there is one) from this author! Go ahead…buy the book & take a great ride!