Why Did I Write this Book…

It’s so wonderful to hear compliments that I actually published a book. And, one of the first questions I am asked is, “What made you write it?”. Well, I have always wanted to write. However, when I was in high school (1978-1981), we didn’t have e-publishing, Google, the internet, or “xxx.com”. My choices were accounting, computer science, engineering, nursing, or teaching. I was told that I could not make a living in writing. That was then; this is now….
I have always excelled in writing – as compared to accounting. My teachers in high school and college always told me I had quite the imagination. So, I would write a poem or two or a short story. I never finished and I never published. Boy, did I have the excuses – usually that the business world and my job were in the way.
One day, I decided to join a writing club, entered a short story into their contest…and didn’t get selected. Not because my story wasn’t good, the selectors weren’t interested in ‘romance’. Therefore, I decided to take my short story and make it into a big story. I have been taking steady-and-weekly singing lessons each week for the last five years; and Heidi Hayes, singing coach phenom, has pushed my uptight and reserved boundaries to the next level and beyond. I figured I would write a book with issues and topics that – without my singing lessons – I would never touch.
The post below gives an insight into the story line and offers the first three chapters as an introduction of what to expect.